What It’s Like In The Club

If you’re a coach who’s ready to take action, help people, and want more clients then I’d like to invite you to join our community.

You’ll be joining a tribe of coaches like you and learn how to make money coaching. You’ll build a system that works to get you clients even while you’re sleeping.

You’ll get out of the overwhelm of options out there and have a clear path from where you’re at and where you want to be with your business. Every week you’ll know exactly what you have to accomplish to take your business

When you join, you will start by mapping out your $5k or more 3-6 month coaching package and learn how to deliver value in your marketing using our GEARS system so that everything you do (even your ads) actually helps people. No salesy, cheesy, or high pressure BS here… only valuable and educational content.

You’ll also get your funnel built out for you, a behind the scenes look at the exact software I use to bring in new clients every month, and the technique based on Leonardo Davinci’s methods I go through to make every piece of content I put out.

Every week, you’ll be given 1 thing to do as part of our step-by-step process that will launch your business and get you clients. Goodbye overwhelm, hello simplicity!