How I Learned To Build My Coaching Business

Back in 2015, I had finally finished my coaching training only to find that I was clueless on how to get a client. I was working a full-time job as a valet running people’s cars in the sweltering Texas summer heat, rode a bicycle 17 miles to work because I didn’t have a car, and I knew I had to find a way out!

I finally found the job I loved and I was broke trying to do it. I ended up moving in with my parents back in Iowa away from my home in Austin, Texas.

I kept on believing that I was on the right track and I just needed more training. I thought to myself, “If I can learn to become the best coach I can be then clients will just happen.”

I had spent over $30,000 in coaching trainings, books, workshops, getting coached, and I was still making less than $5k a year from coaching.

I had absolutely no idea and no system for getting new clients. I was getting a few people here and there from referrals which was exciting, but that didn’t come close to paying the bills.

I started asking friends, peers, family, and everyone I knew if they needed help in their relationships. I was finally getting a few clients.

Then I worked on developing a system for finding clients using direct response marketing that I learned from The Functional Marketing® Framework and Eben Pagan’s work.

After a few months, I started to get a lot of clients. Soon after, I had to raise my prices to $250 an hour to reduce my client load. Then I had to be selective with what clients I would take because I didn’t have enough time to support them!

I had finally broken the $60k barrier and I was working my way towards my first $100k. I had finally found a way to support myself working for myself, do something I loved, and I got to help people while doing it.